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December 12, 2006 – (Please scroll down for more news!)
Annie Interviewed on Classic FM

Annie will be interviewed about her new CD, 'Woman Transcending', by Gene Godfrey for Classic FM, this coming Friday, December 15th. The interview will be in the 2nd hour of the show.
Classic FM airs Fridays, 6 - 10 p.m. Eastern Time
(11p.m. - 3 a.m. UK Time/3 - 7p.m. West Coast/ Noon - 4 p.m. Hawaii/etc.)
Webcast via www.netradio100.com or www.z889.org
Website: www.angelfire.com/music2/classicfm

December 1, 2006
Compassion for Pigs

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, I have been a vegetarian for many years, but I did not know until recent years the horrific details of how animals are slaughtered.

I know this kind of thing is not easy to read, I find it difficult myself. But if  you have love, compassion and respect for animals as I do, please take a look at this... 
Farm Sanctuary Pig Protection Campaign

I felt compelled to pass this information on, in hopes that some folks will take seriously the pain these beautiful animals have to endure, and take action to help put an end to these barbaric practices.

When we eat meat, we ingest the energy from the pain and terror the animal has gone through before its death... It's the same if you have a meal cooked by someone who is angry, that anger goes into the food and into you.

On the other hand, food cooked with Love can heal...
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, the surgeon who performed my Lumpectomy, said he believed that if I had not been a vegetarian the lump in my breast would have been twice the size!

A vegetarian diet is free of pain and suffering and also saved my life.
I send out into the universe, the intention of Love and Healing Light,  to ALL animals that are suffering under the hands of mankind!

November 20, 2006
How To Love A Turkey

Annie's love for animals knows no bounds! Check out her love for Tom the Turkey (click here for photo)

He lives in Bucks County, PA, and is greatly loved by his human family.

Please check out 'Farm Sanctuary' to see how you can help abused farm animals.

November 15, 2006
Annie Paints 'Wood' Electric Violins

Mark Wood is known for his outstanding performances playing electric violin! Many of you will know him from his performances with Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Not only does he grace the stage with his outstanding playing abilities, he has also designed and built the innovative and revolutionary 'Viper' electric violin....read about  the amazing collaboration with Annie below!

nnie has ventured into another aspect of painting...take a look at what came from this...this is very cool!

Wood Violins is intensely proud and thrilled to announce the brand new 'Annie Haslam Violin Signature Series' – individually and uniquely painted electric violins exclusively offered by our company.

Click here for details.

November 15, 2006
Martin Guitar Museum Opening Reception

Annie was invited to the 'official' opening reception for the new C.F. Martin and Co. Guitar Museum in Nazareth, PA, on October 25th.

Annie performed two songs acoustically with Bob Miles.

Judy Collins and Tom Paxton also performed. Both of them had performed at the factory's original opening in 1964.

Click here for photos.

October 31, 2006
Farm Sanctuary Event in Philly

Dear Friends,

On December 3rd, I will be driving into Philadelphia to Horizons Cafe, to celebrate and show my support for the 'Farm Sanctuary.'

If you live in the area, I hope you will consider coming too. The food will be wonderful.

At the same time, your support will benefit Farm Sanctuary’s legislative efforts to ban foie gras in Philadelphia and cruel factory farming practices across the U.S.

Horizon's has been my favourite Vegan restaurant for many years, I am sure you will be very impressed with the tropical elegance portrayed in the decor as you enter, and the delicious food that will be presented...all completely animal free!

If you respect and love all animals as I do, you will find this evening educational in many ways. I would love to see you there. 
I will also be donating a painting for the silent auction.
Love and Peace,

September 30, 2006
Help Needed in Darfur!

Dear Friends,

Once more I am asking for your help.

Please sign this petition and send it on to as many people as you can, asking in turn they do the same.

To watch what is happening in Darfur breaks my heart as I am sure it does yours. We can all help here, we are all connected....we all have a voice...
Please help, and sign the petition.
Love and Peace,

September 12, 2006
Dear Friends,

Please read the following and take action, this is not acceptable!

Love Annie

Please Help! - Dogs Deserve Better Founder will be
Jailed for Saving a Dying Dog

Dear Friends,

If you know about Dogs Deserve Better, then you know that Tammy, the founder, really deserves all of our help NOW! We need everyone to alert the media, call the Pennsylvania Humane Society, and do whatever else you can to help Tammy! Be sure to watch and listen to the videos to see for yourself how her decision was justified!

Here is the background info:

We got a call from Kim in East Freedom this morning, crying because Doogie hadn't gotten up since Saturday. She had been calling the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society since Saturday to no avail. We told her we aren't law officers, and she needed to call the humane officer. Then we got another call about the same dog, from another person who passes him every day. At that point we called Kim back to see if she'd heard from the Humane Officer. She had not, so we promised her we'd go out and see what we could do. When we got there, we took photos and video of Doogie. We initially thought he was dead, as he was not moving and his back was to us. We found out that the people were not home to talk to about him, so I made the decision that he could not lay there on the cold wet ground for one moment longer, and I would accept all consequences of my decision.

The neighbor Kim has agreed to testify on my behalf if necessary. She cried the whole time we were there, you can hear her on the video.

I think once you see the video and pictures, you'll understand why I made this decision.

The vet documented his general negligent condition, low weight, sores, missing fur, and took x-rays of his back and hips.  He determined that he has very bad back spurs that are causing him a lot of pain and are most likely responsible for his inability to walk. He also saw an undetermined mass near his hip on the x-ray. He gave him a shot for pain plus some B vitamins for energy, so that perhaps he could have even one good day or a few good hours. He wrote a letter stating his conditionin case we needed it.

Shortly after we got Doogie to my home, situated, bathed (had to, the stench was too bad), and fed and watered an Officer Flag called from the Freedom Township Police Department (I know, Freedom, isn't that ironic?). He wanted me to return Doogie, which I refused to do.

Here's what I need from you all. View the videos and photos, below.  I think you'll agree with me that this is NOT acceptable in ANY kind of humane society, and we cannot allow this kind of animal abuse. We MUST stand up and STOP accepting this to be OK for people to do to their dogs, and STOP jailing those who are trying to help them.

I could never look myself in the eye again, much less sleep tonight, had I left Doogie there dying, shivering in the dirt.  I will spend the rest of my life in jail as opposed to handing him over to be abused further by these people.

Please, contact ALL media with these photos and videos. Get justice, for Doogie and for me. Do NOT allow this treatment of those who are here to help, and who actually care. Call the Pennsylvania Humane Society to tell them you expect them to stand with me against this kind of abuse.

Doogie laying on the ground, neighbor crying in background

Doogie after vet at Grimes house

Officer Flag: Cell 814-201-0149
Freedom Township Police Headquarters: 814-695-8545
Pennsylvania Humane Society: 814-942-5402
Humane Officer Paul Gotshall: 814-942-3780

Altoona Mirror: 1-800-287-4480
WTAJ-TV10: 814-944-1414
WJAC-TV 6: 814-255-7600

All national media!  Make sure to send them links to the video, it's very compelling. My best friend, Tracy, has the video and hi-resolution copies of the images for print. 

Don't stop until there is Justice for Doogie and ME!  I'm just not tolerating this kind of treatment, for either of us.  No one should.

Tammy S. Grimes, Founder, Dogs Deserve Better
Bringing Chained/Penned Dogs Into the Home
and Family through Education · Rescue and Rehab · Legislation
P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684

Donate: www.dogsdeservebetter.com/donations.html
Educational Materials: www.dogsdeservebetter.org/store.html
DDB Attire and Gift Items: www.cafepress.com/dogsdeserve

August 8, 2006
Annie and Martin Guitars

Dear Friends,
Earlier this year (2006), I was very fortunate to meet up with Bob Miles. Bob owns the 'Guitar Academy' in Warrington, PA. Bob, as well as being a very talented jazz guitarist, has his own unique Cable TV show, 'Miles of Music' on the Comcast Cable TV network in PA. He had invited me to be on his show. It was a lot of fun. we did half about music and half about my art. The show has yet to be aired (details of which will be posted on my site as soon as I know when).
A couple of weeks later, Bob invited me to lunch to meet Dick Boak from Martin Guitars who, along with Dale Unger (a prominent guitar maker) and Craig Thatcher singer /songwriter in the Blues genre, had been recording Bob's show. Bob became the catalyst for my introduction to the Martin Guitar Factory, and a very interesting and exciting turn of events followed because of this.

In April I was to make my first trip to Nazareth, PA to the Martin Guitar Factory.
It was a very special day and awe inspiring, mainly because most of the songs that I have performed during my career, were written on a guitar and some of those were on a Martin guitar.

It was overwhelming to see the many stages that make up the final masterpieces.
I had no clue there was so much involved. The details and workmanship are so precise, producing seamless perfection!
While I was there I was commissioned to paint a Martin guitar for their museum.
I can't tell you how excited I was.

I delivered the guitar recently and it is now in a prominent place inside the museum, alongside incredibly beautiful guitars dating back from the 1800's to present day.

I am sure, that those of you who have a true love of music would really enjoy a tour of the Martin Factory, it would be a day you will always remember. More detailed information on the guitar and the Martin Guitar Factory below.

The plaque beside the guitar reads:

Milestones and Miracles’  by Annie Haslam, July 2006, Acrylic on spruce and cherry.
Annie Haslam, lead singer from the English classical rock band 'Renaissance', has found new avenues of rejuvenation and expressiveness in painting. She transformed this test model Martin Dreadnought into a dreamy work of art, inspired by her impressions of Martin’s 1833 ocean voyage and ongoing legacy.

Here is a photo of myself and Dick Boak, Director of Artists Relations and Publicity for Martin Guitars, and the guitar 'Milestones and Miracles'.

Click here to see a front and back view.
Love and Peace,

Martin Guitar Factory
The main Sycamore Street entrance has been completely rebuilt to replicate the facade of the old North Street Factory, circa 1859.

Inside the Visitors Center
Your guided factory tour of starts in the lobby of the Visitors Center which houses the entrance to the Martin Guitar Museum, 1833 Shop and a gallery wall of famous Martin owners. Guests are also invited to visit the Pickin’ Parlor to play some of Martin’s high-end and Limited Edition models.

Martin Guitar Museum
The Martin Guitar Museum is a centre for reflection, bringing together music history, culture and craftsmanship. Attractive displays showcase over 170 exquisitely crafted guitars that parallel our 173-year history. Through six generations, our Company’s legendary heritage has helped create music history and define musical culture.

The 1833 Shop
The ideal place to buy a souvenir and play some of our best known and top-selling guitars. The 1833 Shop offers a dazzling selection of Martin apparel, souvenirs and collectables.

The Guitarmaker’s Connection
To complete your experience, we invite you to visit the original Martin factory and old Martin Homestead on North Street. Today, it is home to the Guitarmaker’s Connection, a retail store that offers a unique collection of luthier tools and guitar parts and kits.

August 26, 2006
A VERY IMPORTANT Message from Robert Redford

Dear NRDC Action Fund Supporter,

With the U.S. Senate heading for a showdown vote on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, I wish I could sit down with you and other supporters to explain the enormous challenge we face over the next six weeks.

Since I can't do that, I've done the next best thing and recorded a short video message about the critical situation at hand. I hope you'll watch this two-minute video right away.

Then I need you to take an extra step to save the Arctic Refuge by passing this video on to your friends and colleagues. They need to know that drilling the Arctic -- and destroying our natural heritage -- will not save us money at the pump or make us more secure.

Our goal: to reach into homes across America over the next two weeks, so that when the make-or-break vote comes after Labor Day, we can spring into action one million strong and defeat Big Oil's agenda.

Click here to view the video and pass it on to others:

We've got no time to lose.

The House recently passed the so-called "American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act" (H.R. 5429), which would stuff the oil companies' already bloated coffers with billions more in profits.

And it would destroy the Arctic Refuge for the sake of oil that won't make a dent in gas prices or wean us off Persian Gulf oil.

A version of this Arctic wildlife destruction bill is now headed for a vote in the U.S. Senate sometime in September. Please help us mobilize one million Americans to stop this bill in its tracks.


I know how many times you've helped us block President Bush's relentless drive to destroy the Arctic Refuge.

But the political reality is this: the White House can afford to lose this fight repeatedly. But we cannot afford to lose once -- or else the greatest living reminder of our natural heritage will die forever.

Please help us prevent this disaster from coming to pass by helping us build a nationwide army of opposition.


And thank you for fighting to keep the Arctic wild and free.


Robert Redford
NRDC Action Fund

August 6, 2006
Annie Helps The New Jersey SPCA

Click Here: NJSPCA

July 12, 2006
Annie Haslam and Magenta Release

The White Dove Organization Inc. and 'F2 Music' is proud to announce the release of a new CD single featuring Annie Haslam with Magenta.

The full track listing of the 4 track EP is:

Night and Day
Night and Day (Evening Mix)
Essence of Love (Instrumental)
Night and Day (Duet with Christina of Magenta)

The CD can be purchased from www.progrock.co.uk (secure site with fast service) and other great CD retailers around the world!

If you are having problems buying this single, please email info@f2music.co.uk and they will be happy to help.
Giclee prints of the CD artwork 'Essence of Love' are available for sale. Please e-mail whtdoveorg@aol.com for price information.

July 7, 2006
New Hope Flood

Dear Friends,

Living in Bucks County, PA is a joy. Reminiscent of England in so many ways!

But the past week has been most upsetting watching my favourite town, New Hope, suffer the wrath of an intense storm system. This caused havoc for folks who live in the area and many businesses as well.

If you were planning to visit New Hope, PLEASE still do so, the town needs support more than ever. ArtisZen Arts Gallery, in which my art is on show, was safe as it is on a hill.

This coming Saturday, July 8th, heralds another Second Saturday (see information below).

The 'spirit' of the community will rise above the mayhem of only days ago. The town will be open and the local businesses will welcome all who come. PLEASE add your support and keep coming to the town. It is, and always will be, a quaint and unique place to visit.

If you missed my opening in June, I will be at the gallery on Saturday at some point to lend my support, and I will hopefully get a chance to meet some of you.
Love and Peace,

“Second Saturdays” & Savor New Hope is “ON”
Including Postponed Activities from the 4th

“Second Saturdays” in New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ is “on” for this coming Saturday July 8th from 5 to 9PM. Most of the businesses who participate were not directly affected by the floods last week, except for lack of people coming into town over the holiday weekend. We are nearly all open and ready for people to come back and support our Art and Craft Galleries, Unique Boutiques, Shops, Restaurants, and Bed and Breakfasts of this wonderful area. Participating businesses “Celebrate the Arts” of the towns and the region by hosting artistic and cultural events and will also showcase live acoustic music entertainment throughout the evening.

The events originally scheduled for the Fourth of July weekend in New Hope are now scheduled for the “Second Saturday’s” July 8th. Throughout the day there will be live music featuring local musicians Jim Rowland, Jeff Dershin, and Karen Anne. The town will also be festively decorated with red, whit and blue balloons. This will make it a happening event for all who come out to support our financially hard hit area. Please bring family, friends, and groups to show support for “Second Saturdays” in New Hope and Lambertville.

Also, SAVOR NEW HOPE: SHOWCASE THE ARTS is “ON” for JULY 14-16 with free activities for Children, book signings, studio tours, demonstrations, special exhibitions and performances. There will be outdoor concerts, a gallery stroll, a party that features food by the area’s finest chef’s, with wine and spirits. Advance Tickets are only $35 and include everything. Please call New Hope Arts at 215-862-9606 for more information.

The next two weeks will showcase the great community spirit that survives and thrives along the both sides of the Delaware River. Please come out and support these resilient river towns!

May 26, 2006
Annie Will Be Premiering Her Hand-painted Violins...

...and other artwork at ARTisZEN Arts Gallery in New Hope, PA, on Saturday, June 10th, at their Second Saturday Event. 

Annie will be on hand for this very special meet and greet. Please bring family and friends there will be vegetarian friendly refreshments served.
Place: ARTisZEN Arts
12 Mechanic Street, New Hope, PA
Time: 5 - 9pm
 'Second Saturdays' is a monthly event 'Celebrating the Arts' in New Hope and soon to be in our sister city of Lambertville. It is made up of most of the art and craft galleries as well as the unique and special boutiques. All have something a little special or unique going on that should entice couples, friends, and families into the artistic feeling that these quaint river towns inspire.

Hope to see you there...

May 4, 2006
Please Help The Whales!

Dear Friends,

I am asking once again for your help to save one of God's glorious creations. Please take a moment to sign the petition and to send on to as many friends as you can.


April 17, 2006
NEWS ! Annie's DVD release

Annie's first solo DVD recorded 'live' in Philadelphia in 1997 will be released by Voiceprint UK on May 22nd.

A companion CD will also be for available with a bonus track, 'Goodbye Trees'.

April 17, 2006
Farm Sanctuary Gala in NYC

The Farm Sanctuary Gala will be held in New York City on May 20th.

Annie has painted for the event her interpretation of 'HILDA', the sheep who was the first animal rescued by the Sanctuary.

There will be a silent auction of many other wonderful works of art, all animal related, where Annie will be attending with friends and many animal lovers.

The gourmet 'vegan' feast will be unforgettable! A wonderful opportunity for animal lovers of all kinds.

Please check out the Farm Sanctuary website if you have any interest in participating. It will be another night to remember – a night to celebrate the glory of the animal kingdom and a chance to show our love for them!

The Gala will be attended by many celebrity animal supporters, including Heather Mills McCartney, Daryl Hannah, Alicia Silverstone and Mary and Peter Max.

March 26, 2006
URGENT! Help Stop Baby Seal Hunt!

Dear Friends,

Today my heart is breaking for the 
HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BABY SEALS that will be slaughtered by cruelly bludgeoning and shooting them to death. (please click here for more information).

These beautiful creatures, that are God's gifts to the planet, deserve to live a full life and not have their lives cruelly taken from then by MAN! No one has the right to do this. It is no different than 'murdering a BABY'.

PLEASE join me in spreading the word and sign the petitions that are sent your way.

Please pray for the Baby Seals.

Love and Peace,

March 26, 2006

We have been alerted that there is person selling DVD's of Annie's show in Brazil. This show was not recorded, so this product is ILLEGAL.


It is not approved by Annie and is substandard and a total waste of money. Besides the fact this 'person' is stealing Annie's work!

Thanks and please pass this information on, as it is most disturbing.

March 26, 2006
Second Saturdays in New Hope, PA

Annie’s ART will be spotlighted on Saturday, June 10th at ARTisZEN ARTS, New Hope, PA. This is a very beautiful eclectic town, one of Annie’s favorites.

Below is information on ‘Second Saturdays’ in New Hope, PA. Come along and show your support for the Arts at the same time as eating at one of the many fine restaurants. Second Saturdays will be a lot of fun and varied in many ways, a great way to have a fun day out while helping to keep alive this vibrant river town.


Contact: Brian K. Hanck
12 W. Mechanic St.
New Hope, PA 18938

“Second Saturdays” in New Hope, Saturday, April 8th, 5 to 9 p.m.

You can feel it and smell it in the air. Spring is here in New Hope! The plants are starting to sprout with new life. Colors are more vibrant than yesterday. With that in mind, “Second Saturdays” in New Hope is growing the number of participants in its monthly events and it is beginning to take root. Bring your date, friends or family to enjoy the sensations of springtime in New Hope from 5 to 9 p.m. on Saturday April 8th. We are proud to announce the inclusion of the James A. Michener Art Museum as part of the evening arts and entertainment festivities. Many galleries who were instrumental in generating our top national ranking as the best Craft and Art Town in America (American Style, May 2005) are now on board and will be part of our “Second Saturdays” events. Of special note, is the event at BOI’s of New Hope, featuring a non-profit, all volunteer group, HeARTS for Autism, of which all proceeds from this Autism Awareness Month exhibit will go this non-profit group.

February 21, 2006
Annie, Co-host on Classic FM

Annie is excited to co-host “Classic FM” on Friday, February 24th, with Gene Godfrey.

Information as follows:

Classic FM airs Fridays 6-10 p.m. Eastern Time, on Z889 (88.9 FM WBZC)
Live Webcast Fridays 6-10 p.m. Eastern via www.netradio100.com
Or The Z889 website at www.z889.com

Vists the Classic FM website!
(5-9 p.m. Central/4-8 p.m. Mountain/3-7 p.m. Pacific/11 p.m.-3 a.m. UK/Noon-4 p.m. Hawaii/8 a.m.-noon Australia)

Contact during show…
Phone: 609-894-8900
AIM/AOL & Yahoo Messengers: classicfmz889
E-Mail: classicfm@comcast.net

February 3, 2006
Second Saturdays in New Hope, PA

Annie’s ART will be spotlighted on Saturday, June 10th at ARTisZEN ARTS, New Hope, PA. This is a very beautiful eclectic town, one of Annie’s favorites.

Below is information on ‘Second Saturdays’ in New Hope, PA. Come along and show your support for the Arts at the same time as eating at one of the many fine restaurants. Second Saturdays will be a lot of fun and varied in many ways, a great way to have a fun day out while helping to keep alive this vibrant river town.

Annie and Brian Hanck will be on radio station WDVR 89.7FM in Sergeanstville, NJ to talk with Rick and Melissa Charwin about Second Saturdays. The scheduled date for this, is Friday, February 10th at 6pm. Hope you can tune in!

There will be another reminder for Annie’s date at the gallery closer to the day...


Contact: Brian K. Hanck
12 W. Mechanic St.
New Hope, PA 18938

‘POP POP POP’ at ARTisZEN ARTS for ‘Second Saturdays in New Hope’

ARTisZEN ARTS is proud to introduce “POP POP POP” as part of the 'Second Saturdays' in New Hope: Celebration of the Arts” monthly events.  On February 11th from 5:00 until 9:00pm, ARTisZEN ARTS will be featuring the POP ART creations of Danielle Borradaile (Holland, PA), John Gascot (Delaware River Valley) and Jim Horwat (Main Line in Philadelphia). 

Danielle Borradaile is producing a brand of Surreal Pop featuring cities, landscapes, and people through her psychedelic pop style.  Jim Horwat paints “Happy Accidents” in acrylic combining elements of ancient tribal imagery by twisting them into contemporary pop-graphic images.  John Gascot’s work is reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein, but incorporates a unique twist tying in current fashion industry logos and patterns with iconic cult figures of the comic book realm.

An informal Gallery Talk with the ARTisZEN ARTS “POP POP POP” ARTISTS to begin at 5:30 and will be available throughout the evening. For those from the Midwest “POP” will be served; for those from the East Coast “SODA” (also, Wine, Cheese, and finger foods as well)!

ARTisZEN ARTS’ mission is to help living artists, make a living, making art! SECOND SATURDAY HOURS: 5pm to 9 pm.

January 11, 2006
Annie's Art at Creative Genius Gallery

Creative Genius Gallery in Medford, NJ has some of Annie's original artwork on show.
There's nothing quite like seeing Annie's paintings in person...

Information as follows:
Creative Genius LLC
Art Gallery and Studio
32 B North Main Street
Medford, NJ 08055