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November 29, 2008 – (Please scroll down for more news!)
Renaissance DVD Faulty, DO NOT Purchase.

Sadly, the first 'Renaissance' DVD was released to the public as a faulty product. The company, Cherry Red Records, is working on correcting the problem.

Please do not purchase the DVD until we give the go ahead.

If yours is faulty, please contact Cherry Red directly. Contact information will be on your copy.

Renaissance assumes no responsibility for this, as it was out of their hands. They are very upset this has happened and are sad about the disappointment felt by many fans.

November 29, 2008
Farm Sanctuary Presents 'Winter Wonderland,' NYC

Dear Friends,

The Farm Sanctuary is very special to me and I always feel honoured when asked to participate in their auctions. I chose to create a painting of Opie the cow, who was left for dead when a mere calf. Opie was rescued by The Farm Sanctuary and lived a full 18 years of freedom and love.

This is my interpretaion of 'Beautiful Opie'.

This very special event will be held on December 4th at the Director's Club in NYC. If you can get to this event, I can assure you it will be a magical night to remember.

I am not able to go because of my preparations for my Christmas show at the Sellersville Theater on December 20th.

For more information please go to:


October 26, 2008
Annie, Animals and Shelters Rock for HSUS

Dear Friends and Animal Lovers,

I am proud to be a part of Shelters Rock, a campaign to urge people to support their local animal shelters.

As I am now unexpectedly 'Granny Annie' to two feral kittens (along with their Mother), I find it even more important to speak up on behalf of animals. In particular is the importance to spay and neuter our pets, and also any strays that may wander into our lives.

Please support your local shelters so we can help lessen overpopulation.

Please visit www.humanesociety.org/sheltersrock.

Love and Peace

October 20, 2008
Annie and MAGENTA single 'Night and Day'

Dear Friends,

If you missed this first time around, then here is another opportunity to hear Magenta and myself performing a song called 'Night and Day'.


I also painted the cover artwork 'Essence of Love', the inspiration for this came from the lead singer Christina.

Magenta is one of my favorite bands, a breath of fresh air... please check them out at: www.magenta-web.co.uk/index2.html 


August 15, 2008
Annie and RENAISSANCE Pianist John Tout to Perform

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to inform you that original 'Renaissance' pianist John Tout, will be joining me and Jann Klose on Saturday, September 20th, 2008, at The Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA concert.

This will be a VERY special night for lovers of the music of Renaissance and also an introduction to the melodic, vibrant, musical world of Jann Klose.

Anyone who knows John's playing can attest to it being magnificent, full of passion and emotion.... able to 'lift' the music, and listener, to another level with his tender, yet dynamic, performance.

I have already expressed my admiration for Jann's music and so adding John into the mix will only further the guarantee of a night to remember.

We will be performing five 'Renaissance' songs with Jann and his band.

Please come and be transported by the music to a magical familiar place... and also be prepared to be captivated by a new musical experience from Jann.

August 15, 2008
HUGE Crop Circle formation in UK 08/08/08

Dear Friends,

IPlease check out my friend Colin Andrews' site and read about his crop circle research and other fascinating subjects... Colin was an advisor on crop circles for the movie 'SIGNS'.

A particularly important discovery just occurred on 08/08/08 in the form of a magnificent crop circle in the shape of a figure 8.

To see this breathtaking image click here.

I haven't seen one myself but one did appear in the field next to where my brother Michael lived in the UK !

The rest of Colin's site has very interesting information for those open to knowing what is taking place on our planet in areas not really made public to the masses.

At this time in our evolution and that of the planet I welcome all this knowledge and information.

Peace and Love 

July 27, 2008
Annie Singing Again!

Dear Friends,

I am VERY happy to announce that I have two concerts coming up in the next few months. Both will be at The Sellersville Theater, Sellersille, PA, September 20th and December 20th.

The first show I am particularly excited about. Jann Klose is an exciting singer/songwriter that impressed me so much that I wanted to do a show with him. I first met Jann when he donated a song for a CD I was involved in called 'Serenity House'.

The first time I heard him perform 'live' was at a benefit concert to support the CD and everyone in the club including myself were completely 'blown' away (sorry but that's the best way to describe his performance). It brought everyone to their feet! I rarely get excited about new music and so for me to feel so strongly, spurred me on to let other people know who he is.

His music is unique, powerful yet gentle, dynamic and melodic, and to deliver it, he has a tremendous voice with a range to match. I see in him a great new talent – his 'live' performances sealing it all.

The show is Jann's and his band (also wonderful musicians), featuring myself. I will be performing several of my own works of music and also I will be singing along with Jann on his songs.

I hope that as many of you come as possible, it will be a 'different' show for me, that's for sure, but it will be exciting for you to be there at the beginning of what I know will be a very bright future for Jann.

On December 20th, I will be performing my annual Christmas concert, this time at the Sellersville Theater.

I have missed singing at this special time of year so am looking forward to getting into the spirit! I will be joined by Rave Tesar, Dave Keyes (both from my band, many of you will remember them well) Jann Klose, Lizanne Knott, Bar Scott, and Caryn Lin.

It will be a 'special' night in celebration of the season. Please come and join in the singing!

Love and Light

A Simple Way to Help the PLANET

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to look at this site, it is an eye opener which needs to be addressed.

This is so simple for us to take into action and it will help our beautiful earth enormously. It all makes sense and we all need to be doing as much as we can to help clean up our earth. We are the caretakers and it is up to us to help clean it up.

Please join me in taking a cloth bag to the supermarket instead of bringing home more plastic... I am guilty of that too.

In Love and Light

July 13, 2008
'WOLF' Greeting Card to Help WOLVES

As many of you know, Annie has a deep love for animals and often uses her site to help raise money for animal charities and to make her friends and fans aware of the needs of our four-legged and winged friends. Recently Annie was made aware of the needs of a charity called  'The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary', Ramah, New Mexico, and consented to do a commissioned painting, 'Wolf', which in turn has become an 'all occasion' greeting card to help raise money for the sanctuary’s needs. Annie has also taken the time to hand sign each and every card. 

Now you can purchase this greeting card and help raise money for our Wolf  brothers.

Gary Maurer is the catalyst for this and 100% of all money raised from the sales goes directly to the sanctuary.

For more info on the sanctuary go to: 

Please click on this link that will take you to the eBay site to purchase these beautiful cards. Another step forward in helping and supporting our animal kingdom.

April 26, 2008
Annie at CEDAR MAZE Art Show, PA

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to be showing my artwork at the 10th Cedar Maze Art Show in Point Pleasant, PA, on May 9, 10, 11, 17 and 18th.

I was invited by Steven and Pinky Snyder to be part of a group of very talented artists from the Bucks County area. Steven is a self-taught stone sculptor, and when I first visited his studio/home I was overwhelmed by the magical atmosphere he had created with his stone carvings of bird baths, fountains, angel statues and many other unusual creations. I was quite amazed at how 'alive' the stone appeared... it was like being in 'Wonderland'.
This year the art show will also be a fundraiser with a percentage of sales going to Fauna and Flora International, to support improved access to water for communities living outside Volcanoes National Park in northwest Rwanda's Ruhengeri region. Specifically the funds raised will go towards building a water holding tank, so local villagers can store water much need during the dry season. At present, villagers seeking water may have to walk miles into the park to find a water supply, sometimes disturbing the habitat of endangered mountain gorillas who were brought to the world's attention by Dian Fossey and the movie, Gorillas in the Mist. Our hope is to help both the villagers and the gorillas in this endeavor.
I can promise an inspiring fun day amidst the beautiful Bucks County countryside and look forward to seeing you there.

Please go to Steven's website for more information: http://stonesculpture.net/newsite/

Love  and Peace

April 16, 2008

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to SIGN THIS PETITION to HELP THE BABY SEALS.


April 6, 2008
'Seal Haven' Cards to HELP BABY SEALS

Dear Friends,

In late November of 2007, I offered the 'Seal Haven'
greeting card (pictured at right), in order to help raise awareness about the plight of the Polar Bears.

This has been an ongoing situation that needs to be kept 'alive' in the hearts and minds of us all.

At this time I am once again offering the cards to help the innocent Baby Seals in Canada, that are about to be mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of man! How cruel and senseless.

I pray every day, and visualize a future where the planet, mankind, and 'all' animals are equally loved and respected. If enough people channeled positive energy dedicated to that end, there will surely be a shift in consciousness that will in turn make this glorious world, once again, a beautiful, loving, and safe place to be.

I purposely designed the cards to be used year round, so please consider purchasing a set for family and friends too. I thank you ahead of time for your continued support and generosity on behalf of all precious animals, without whom this planet would not survive.

These cards are on behalf of 'The Humane Society of the United States', and all the proceeds will go to help the Baby Seals as well as the Polar Bears.

The inscription inside the card reads: Love Light and Peace


February 22, 2008
For Classical Musical Lovers

Dear Friends,

If you are a lover of fine classical music, please take a look at the attached site: www.ClassicalMusicPhiladelphia.com. It will give you information about upcoming classical concerts in Philadelphia. At the top of the page is a link to Mario Lanza, whose voice I love and remember from my childhood...ahhhh 'The Student Prince'. 

Andrea Clearfield is also a great talent. I 'painted' one of her compositions called 'ROMANZA' !!!  Please take a moment to visit their sites.

It is an honor to have my art shown on the same page with all these notable musicians and composers...

Love and Peace,

February 5, 2008
Help Needed to Save Wolves

Dear Friends,

I am saddened once more to hear of another beautiful species that is being abused and eliminated from our planet.

Please take a moment to sign the attached petition.

Love and Peace,