Dear Friends,

Many of you know that I am a huge animal lover and that they play a large role in my life.

When I first connected with 'The Farm Sanctuary' through Mary Max, one of the first things I did for them was a portrait of 'Hilda' the sheep (click all images for a larger view).

Hilda was the first animal that was rescued by them. This painting was displayed and sold at their annual gala at The Plaza Hotel in NYC. After that, I painted another; 'Cookie' the Pig and then 'Beautiful Opie' the Cow, also for Farm Sanctuary's subsequent gala auctions.

'Kitty' the calico cat belonged to a friend of mine and he was the very first cat I painted. I wasn't sure how it would turn out as I usually seem to fly off to all unknown places of color and abstract form...but in the middle of creating the painting, a face popped up and there he was!

Then last year, I was asked to paint two more cats; 'Nisha and Raj'. Again, I wasn't sure how I would be able to portray jet-black cats and reveal their personalities within my abstract style. I was so happy with the finished painting and the owners were extremely happy too. I named the piece 'Friends for Life.'

More recently I was commissioned to paint a horse named 'Brie' (my first horse!), which I loved working with, and felt a strong connection to when I was painting.

My most recent commission was 'Callie' the cat.

I really enjoy painting animals as I feel truly 'tuned' into them as I do with all my commissioned pieces.

I am offering my vision to all pet lovers who would like something different and 'special' to remember them by. If you would like to own a unique portrait of your beloved pet or animal friend, I will combine my intuitive style with your physical image/photo, and produce a unique portrait of your pets 'spirit'. The outcome will be special and unique to your pet or animal friend.

Please contact 'Grace' at for commissioning information.

Love and Peace – especially to our dear animal friends,