Annie Sings
Annie performing with Renaissance

Solo discography
1977: Annie in Wonderland
1985: Still Life
1989: Annie Haslam
1994: Blessing in Disguise
1995: Supper’s Ready: (Genesis tribute Album) (guest vocalist)
1995: Tales From Yesterday (Yes tribute Album) (guest vocalist)
1998: Live Under Brazilian Skies
1999: The Dawn of Ananda
1999: Portraits of Bob Dylan by Steve Howe (album) (guest vocalist)
2000: It Snows in Heaven Too
2002: One Enchanted Evening
2005: Icon by John Wetton & Geoff Downes (album) (guest vocalist)
2006: Miles of Music by Bob Miles (guest vocalist)
2006: Live Studio Concert
2006: Night and Day EP with Magenta written for Haslam by Rob Reed and Christina Booth
2007: Woman Transcending
2012: Songs of the Century: (Supertramp tribute Album) (guest vocalist)
2014: ‘Live’ Studio Concert Philadelphia 1997 (Re-release)